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As soon as the removal of Iran sanctions prohibiting the members of the international community to buy oil from this country became public knowledge, analysts and experts started talking about a possible collapse of oil prices.

Electronic devices are becoming increasingly less repairable. Even Apple does not shy away from abusing its fans, as it did with the iPods, whose batteries died immediately after the expiration of the warranty period.

Is there money stronger than the U.S. dollar? As evidenced by recent events, such currency exists and its value recently reached 900 U.S. dollars. This event has stirred up things in Washington. Congress hastily held a hearing to discuss the threat coming from the currency rapidly gaining strength in global trade and criminal activities.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) plans to invest five billion dollars in the construction industry of the Russian Federation. The projects will include new roads, airports and technologically advanced telecommunications. Gulf petrodollars are looking for a stable economic and political system, and the Russian infrastructure requires reliable investors.

Few would argue that a logo is the "face" of the company and has a certain impact on the popularity of various brands. Incidentally, logos of popular brands are not always created by 'cool' designers and are expensive.